Yips, Yipes! What Yips Are In Golf?

Yipes! I have the yips. They are affecting my golf swings and my putting. How debilitating, and humiliating this can be for yourself. You have every reason to be concerned as this will affect the effectiveness and the accuracy of your golf swings and putting. Another way of describing what yips are in golf is describing twitches, jitters or the jerks.

Do not concern yourself as this is a common condition which affects long-term golfers or is associated with the aging process.

There are many people who have differing opinions on what yips are in golf and how to get rid of them. There are different types of treatments to help control this golfing mental/emotional condition.

Corrective outlets can be accomplished through occupational therapy, physical therapy, and other developmental therapists who specialize in motor skills.

Energy psychology is a new method of correcting the yips. Yips are obvious and painful. The basic methods to clear them is the same as other mental/emotional based issues which covers about 90% of golf.

Here are a few examples of basic energy psychology or “clearing points” used with optimal breathing.

  • Pre-round clearing for cleaning tension and anxiety
  • Pre-round clearing of imagined yips
  • Clearing on the golf course during approach and on the greens
  • Clearing embarrassment, humiliation, and other emotional factors as a result of yips
  • Exploring other emotional causes
  • Exploring comfort zone issues
  • Exploring self sabotage
  • Detective investigating to rid of other emotional negative baggage

There is an inner critic within your mind which is sabotaging an undesirable partner. That devil of mischief is creating fear,doubt, anger, embarrassment, confusion, and much more.

It can be the underlying cause for physical symptoms of tension, anxiety, nervousness, sweating palms and other aches and pains.

A new form of golf psychology confronts the negative, turns it around by confronting and controlling the yips. It is worth your investigation.

What do you have to lose? You may not play golf again because of the yips and if you love the game of golf that is the last thing you will want to do.

To help correct yips in golf there is a new mental golf system coming into popularity. This new system works for three reasons:

  • It taps into your subconscious and tweaks your brain’s golf programming
  • It shows you a shortcut to getting into the zone
  • Power of golf hypnosis

Reach your true potential by ridding your mind of negative barriers which are ruining your focus and costing you strokes.

Start today to correct the golf yips. Visit the sports section of Tricia Deed at http://www.infotrish.vpweb.com/ and review Renegade Mindset Techniques For Golf. Master Your Mind. Slash Your Handicap.

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