Two Cartoon Episodes to Make You Smile

Why are fun movies or funny cartoons so good for us? They make us laugh until our bellies ache. They take away the gloom and grime of the day and liberate us from the pressures and stresses of life to give us a good night’s sleep so that we can wake up to a new day rejuvenated. Here are two cartoon clips that you will definitely enjoy. Read on to find out.

1) Tom is competing with a rival to get hold of his beautiful crush badly enough. He gives her sparkling jewelry. Then his crush brings out such luminous diamonds that Tom’s rival gave her that you need to wear special lens to actually feel their worth.

Next Tom tries very hard to take her to lunch. He spends all his savings to buy a measly second-hand car and horns in front of her home. The rival next comes in with such an astounding big length of a huge Porsche car that Tom’s car along with Tom gets flattened to the ground with the end result that his crush gets into the rival’s car happily.

2) Jerry doesn’t like his old place any longer. He yearns to go to the city and find work. One day he actually packs his things up in a bundle, attaches it to a stick and holds the stick over his shoulder. His first hurdle comes when a big black cat wants to take a bite of him. Playing his tricks and wits, Jerry manages to outwit the cat and get out of the scenario. Then he goes to the street.

The cars and vehicles scampering by really scare him. But one such car halts to a side and the owner of the car opens the booty of the car to get something. Jerry takes hold of the opportunity and jumps inside. Of course, the car owner doesn’t notice him, closes the booty and drives on again.

Jerry inside the booty of the car is feeling scared. Will the car ever stop? How long will it take to make his next move? As if in answer to his prayers, the car stops and the car driver opens the booty again and out comes Jerry slowly and cautiously.

There’s a beautiful house at the front and Jerry is rather happy to go inside and explore. He finds a great hallway – very neat and immaculate. His first thought is to dig a hole somewhere safe. But before he could think further, someone shrieks and almost faints at his sight. Next Jerry finds himself wrapped in a liquid that is being thrown at him by an elderly plump woman. Jerry chokes and thinks he will die when the woman stops and goes away.

Jerry limps and crawls until he is able to get out of the house and takes in complete splashes of water that are emerging from a specially designed garden pipe. After he is through and has had a complete drench off the liquid that was sprayed on him, he decides to go back to his old home. The city was no good for him.

He finds a truck full of hay and jumps on it and changes several car vehicles on the way to reach his home finally. Soon after, he paints in white on a dark board, “Home, Sweet Home” and hangs it outside of his long-dwelled home hole.

So how did you find the two episodes of the cartoon film? Funny? Did they make you smile? I hope so because they made me smile while I wrote.

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