The Spongebob Squarepants Aquarium Style

Fish tank decorations should make our aquariums amusing, lively and unique with aquariums designs. These themes could be a representation of our likes and dislikes and passions and will make a terrific conversation piece in your room.

One of the most fun aquarium themes with some of the most colorful and witty aquarium decor revolves around the popular cartoon Spongebob Squarepants. The cartoon is one of the most well liked cartoons on the planet, sparking off merchandise from just about anything you can think off, from outfits to home gadgets.

Selecting The Most Appropriate Aquarium Decor

When shopping for aquarium decor, it is normally the best idea to select at least one bigger object with holes on it to act as a small cave or hiding hole for your fish. There may be circumstances when your fish would likely be just a little stressed especially from too much attention or being with other fish, when it might want to get away by itself. The cave serves an important part in ensuring the well-being of your fish.

Never jeopardize your fish’s well being for style. Your fish requires swim room greater than sweet decors. You should not pack your aquarium with so much decoration that it inhibits the fish from swimming unhampered in the fish tank.

Design your theme adequately before buying your fish decoration. Determine what is important in your concept. In case you have never seen the Spongebob Squarepants cartoon before, I would recommend seeing it first before planning your theme. It could look peculiar should you match the inappropriate decors together.

Spongebob Fish Tank Decors

Here’s a brief look at the cartoon along with the decorations that we could buy. The Spongebob Squarepants aquarium ornaments are replicas of the most popular buildings as well as characters from the cartoon. These are:

1. The Pineapple House

This is where Spongebob stays. This is one of the primary elements in the Spongebob Concept. I have found essentially two types of Pineapple House decoration, one with holes in them and the other, a solid decoration. I would suggest selecting the one with holes in them. To complement this, you would need to add on a figurine of Spongebob. Being the leading character in the cartoon, he has a large number of amusing figurines in various poses.

2. The Rock

Patrick Starfish, Spongebob’s best pal is a pink starfish that lives under a rock. Whilst Spongebob is the key character in the cartoon, my favorite is this starfish with a one digit IQ. The Rock decoration is merely a plain rounded rock with a hole initial for a cave. You should position a figurine of Patrick beside the rock or it is going to appear like a ridiculous rock with a hole. Just like Spongebob, you could get Patrick figurines in numerous poses.

3. The Easter Island Head House

This is very likely the best decoration in the entire selection. The Easter Island Head is the place Squidward Tentacles stays. He is Spongebob’s grouchy neighbor, a squid who thinks he is amazingly gifted but misunderstood. The Easter Island Head is beautiful, so good that it may be an ornament on its own. However it can be great to include a figurine of Squidward to it to give it more authenticity.

4. The Krusty Krab

The Krusty Krab is a burger joint run by Mr Krabs, Spongebob’s money loving boss. It resembles a barrel on the side and is one more gorgeous ornament that you could placed in your aquarium by itself without any decorations. The only concern I have about the Krusty Krab ornament is that the holes in them are rather small and only permit very small fish in. This may not create a decent cave for your aquarium however it is still an awesome fish tank decor. Mr Krabs, being basically a supporting character, lacks much variation in figurines. Frankly, I’ve only spotted one. But if you can’t purchase a Mr Krabs doll to set up, you could put Spongebob with it seeing that that’s the place he works.

Supplementary Spongebob Aquarium Ornaments

There are a few more figurines from the cartoon in the line of fish tank decorations. They are Gary the snail, Spongebob’s pet feline. In Spongebob’s world, snails are felines and worms are dogs. After that there’s Mrs Puff, Spongebob’s boating school teacher. I noticed an extremely nice fish decor of the two of them in a boat vehicle. The next is Plankton, an evil genius and arch nemesis of Mr Krabs who is constantly either wanting to pinch his Krabby patty formula or rule Bikini Bottom (that’s the name of the undersea community in which they dwell). Finally there’s Sandy Cheeks, a squirrel from Texas who simply loves science. She’s a land dweller, so she wears a dive suit and headgear.

These figurines are simply from minor roles and are not really necessary for the theme, but if you have a sizable aquarium with enough room you may include them on.

Making Use Of Spongebob Kids Toys As Aquarium Decor

You may have your kids toys lying around the house accumulating dust and you might be tempted to use the toys as aquarium decorations. It’s really alright to make use of certain childrens toys as fish tank decoration provided that you take a couple of precautions for instance:

  1. Zero metal elements. Not even a small screw.
  2. No painted on toys. As long as the coloration is molded to the plastic, it is fine.
  3. Absolutely no sharp parts. We don’t want the fish to get injured on the decoration.
  4. Sanitize properly. The toys would probably have already been played quite a bit with and gone to the most unsanitary places. Make sure to clean it properly.

So if you do have any Spongebob kids toys which your children will no longer be playing with, you might consider using these in your tank as aquarium decor so long as you follow these precautions.

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