Mourning Decorations – The Protocols and Instructions

The US national flag was draped over President John F Kennedy’s coffin at the time of the funeral. What is the significance of such gesture? It is a mandatory rule for all national flags to cover or be at half mast whenever an eminent leader of the country passes away. This is a mark of showing respect to the bereaved soul of the great personality. There are certain protocols that national flags have to follow to mark the state of national mourning.

– The national flag is flown at half staff in state of mourning for the death of designated principal or government leaders.
– The flag is flow at half staff for 30 days in mourning for the death of the current or the former president of US
– The flag is flow at half mast when it is directed by the president of the US or state governor
– While placing the flag on the coffin or casket, the union must be at the head and remaining over the left shoulder but it should not be lowered to the grave.

The national flag can be out on a bunting design when they are designed for mourning decoration. Whenever there is an arrangement for the condolence meeting for the bereaved soul, the flag bunting can be included and decorated. Not being too gaudy, the bunting flags can be well set according to the mood. This kind of decoration well sets into morning meetings of national figures like former presidents, Supreme Court justices, governors or any members of congress.

Like all other activities, there are certain other protocols attached with the activities of American flag and all is governed by the United States Flag code. It also includes the flag etiquette and that also includes how American flag is to be displayed, at which time it will be flown and how the flag should be handled. Many nations have similar flag codes that are designed to set the rules that mark an honor for the treatment of national flag.

The United States governs the display of the American flag and every time the flag is displayed in accordance with the national flag codes. While mourning decorations of the bunting flags, there are some proper codes and ethics that should be followed. Federal mandates about half masting the national flag that will apply the federal agencies through the state agencies and citizens.

The decoration of the mourning flag can be possible should be accompanied by the ribbons. The purple and black bunting hanging should always be there to mark the mourning properly. The ribbons should always be well attached with the people who all are attending the function.

The rules are same in case of the state government as well. At the state level, a state Governor can issue the border of the flag mast and if the function is organized from the state level, all instructions should be followed according to the state protocols. Therefore all the mourning decorations must be followed in well accordance with the state governor instructions.

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