How To Bounce Back To Playing Golf After A Frozen Shoulder Injury

If you just recovered from frozen shoulder and want to jump right back in playing golf, pay attention to this article carefully. A frozen shoulder condition can take more than a year to get better and requires the person to do exercises everyday. If the shoulder is not used for a long period of time, you will lose approximately five percent of your strength everyday. For example, you may notice in body builders, if they miss out with their gym routine for more than two weeks, you may notice their muscle atrophy (waste away) very quickly. The same thing applies to people who are suffering with frozen shoulder. It is important, you always do your shoulder exercises.

Before doing any specific strengthening exercises, always warm up. Your muscles are like steel wires. If you perform your stretches straightaway, the risk of damaging your muscles are very high because there are not enough blood circulation to your shoulder muscles and the stiffness of the muscle fibers can leads to greater forces of stretch.

Warm up by applying a heat pack or having a hot shower on the affected shoulder. This will help blood circulate around the area. Then stretch your shoulder muscles and don’t forget to do your neck muscles as well. If you have enough time, do a quick five-ten minute jog outside so that you get more blood circulation and enhance cellular metabolic chemical reactions in your body.

Doing all this will get you back to playing golf in no time!

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