How Do I Start My First Job Search in 20 Years When I Don’t Want To Do It? – Three Bizarre Steps

First, “Don’t Send A Resume” and get 60 minute classic book by same name by Jeffrey Fox. Second, don’t half-start your alleged search, then suddenly go on vacation, paint a room or clean out the garage, then start it up again. You lose. Third, don’t go it alone. Flesh out (intensely optimize) your orphaned LinkedIn profile using fr^ee Quick Start guidelines offered on LinkedIn by my paid coach and now mentor, Nathan “Nate” Kievman. Siphon helps from Nate’s 15+ page LinkedIn profile or from 100s of other so-called gurus.

Don’t Send A Resume (The Book & The Recommendation)

I know. I know, your existing resume is causing you grief. Repeated tweaks of CVs do not sprout instant interviews. Absorbing Don’t Send A Resume, the book, Used-In Good Condition, might make you angry or impose “must dos” for new job search. While you’re waiting for Jeff Fox’ book, explore 30-minute “survey” of 200+ page “bible” of networking, Dig Your Well Before You’re Thirsty by Harvey MacKay, known for his world-wide best seller, Swim With The Sharks.

Don’t Start – Don’t Stop – Don’t Start Up Again Until You’re Really Ready

Your prompt reply is a good sign. Dive into Dig Your Well. Begin listing life-long contacts you have not connected with recently. Add more contacts with your LinkedIn profile, critical must-do in my view. My peers and virtual mentors steeped in today’s vicious job market, agree.

Being “found” and sought-after are far more powerful than our Dads’ job search. I have a copy of one of my Father’s resumes, circa 1900s. Looks so typical to this day. Oops.

Don’t Orphan-ize Your LinkedIn Profile – Intensely Optimize Instead

If you have “filed” and “forgotten” your picture-less, headline-less, and summary-less LinkedIn Profile, ignore anti-social network pickers of nits, and get fully robust by a) Displaying (publishing) a pro-like head-shot with blank internet-white background (infinity void), by b) Keyword-rich, strategic 120-character (with spaces) headline, and by c) Personalized summary that starts with personal pronoun “I”. You have scant 6.5 seconds (not minutes) to grab eyes of browsing recruiter. Kid you not.

Don’t believe me? That’s OK, vet what I recommend. Then take action. 1) Get at least one high rated job search book readable in less than hour. Read it twice. 2) Contiguous searches backed by one page written plan causes job options faster.. Skip this step, like many do, at your peril. 3) Optimize your abandoned LinkedIn profile robustly or delete it. Half-vast LI profiles says to recruiters you don’t care or didn’t try.

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