Fireplace Bellows For Fanning A Flame Or Decoration

A fireplace bellows provides a burst of air to embers in order to get a fire started. This convenience product is much more effective at starting a roaring fire than is blowing on the embers by mouth. A traditional looking item, it is usually made from wood like pine and features a brass nozzle, with the accordion-like bellows made from vinyl. It serves as a necessary product for a traditional fireplace but also makes a nice accessory for anyone who owns a free-standing electric fireplace.

Adding accessories like fireplace tools and bellows around the outside of a small electric fireplace makes the unit appear more realistic. The owner will never need to stoke a fire because it is manually controlled by a thermometer and has an electricity-generated flame effect. Though many high-quality fireplaces have realistic-looking flames, displaying accessories nearby makes things look even more authentic.

To operate the fireplace bellows, the user opens the item by separating the wood handles and then brings the handles together quickly, providing a force of air that stokes the fire. It is important to get close enough to the embers to be effective but not so close as to put one's safety in jeopardy. Since the product is often made from wood, it should not get near enough to a flame that it could catch on fire and burn the individual.

The cost of this product is very reasonable, making it a feasible alternative to blowing on embers. The item can be stored on a shelf near the fireplace or in a tool container. It is ready for use straight out of the box-no assembly is required. This tool is particularly useful for older folks or people with respiratory conditions who could quickly get out of breath after a period of blowing on the embers within the fire.

With an electric fireplace heater and flame, the visual and warming effects of a real fire are available on demand. This makes these fireplaces much more convenient for many people. The models are usually either free-standing or able to be mounted on the wall and they can be repositioned as necessary. A free-standing electric fireplace is designed for placement against a straight wall or a corner, making for versatile placement within rooms of different sizes and shapes.

There are small bellows that can be displayed outside a small electric fireplace and larger versions perfect for a larger unit. They make the area look more rustic and cozy, something particularly attractive in a log cabin, ski home, or just a cozy den or living room. If a light wood model will not match the d├ęcor in the area, shoppers can find darker wood or leather versions that are equally as attractive.

Even if the fireplace is electric rather than wood burning, a fireplace bellows makes a nice addition. It will never need to be used so it is strictly a decorative item. For some, it can add just the right extra touch to make the fireplace appear more realistic. It is more suitable for those with a traditional style than the more contemporary versions.

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