Baby Shower Decorations – Impress Your Guests With Your Flair

You are in charge … In charge of what you might ask? You have been given the responsibility to plan and successfully execute the best baby shower ever! Have you started to feel the pressure yet? Well the primary objective is to put on a great party and to make it a memorable occasion, especially for the mom to be. One of the key aspects to hosting a fantastic baby shower is to make sure the baby shower decorations are unique and creative.

Coming up with ideas for the baby shower decorations is not quite as daunting as you may first think. There are, however, a few key essential aspects of the decorating process that you should put a little extra care and attention into.

The table Centerpieces are, without doubt, considered to be the most important item when it comes to baby shower decorations, and should be designed with many things in mind. Firstly, and most importantly, the main table centerpiece should be a practical gift that the mother-to-be can take home and use when her new little bundle of joy arrives. This centerpiece should be not only gorgeous to look at, but also filled with lots of useful items for the new babe. Additionally the centerpiece creation should be able to inspire conversation amongst the guests.

Here are some excellent tips for you to follow in creating a simply brilliant centerpiece. Importantly you should start off by selecting a base that is useful once the centrepiece has been dismantled. For example why not build your centerpiece using a baby tub, diaper bag or even something as simple as a cake platter – these are all useful items that can be reused later and are all very effective when adapted as the base of the decoration.

You then add lots and lots of other equally useful items for the mom-to-be and her new baby. Good things to adorn the base with include pacifiers, diapers, bottles, new born clothes and why not top off the centerpiece creation with a large bunch of pink or blue helium balloons. These Centerpiece baby shower decorations look simply stunning sitting in the middle of the table and they will certainly be sure to come in very handy once the baby is born.

Party Favors – What would any baby shower decorations be without including some top little party favors for each of the guests? Here is an excellent idea for some beautiful low cost party favors that will be loved by each and every one of your guests.

Take some cloth napkins and fold each of them into small triangles and then pin them so that they each look like miniature diapers. You then fill these 'mini diapers' with a selection of dried fruits, nuts, candy and chocolates. Place one of these great little favor decorations on the table for the each of the guests to enjoy. Another delightful baby shower favor is a personalized candle. Source a selection of inexpensive votive candles and decorate them with a special printed message suggesting that when the new baby is born that the candle should be lit in its honor.

Now you have created a centerpiece and party favors – the next item on the list is the task of making the rest of the room (or outdoor area if the party is to be held outside) look fantastic and blend in with your chosen theme or look .

So how do you successfully transform a room or area to create an atmosphere that says "baby"? Well you can start off by taking tulle in either pink or blue or a combination of these colors and wrapping it around a strand of clear Christmas lights. Then add similar colored bows every two or three feet and this will create a swag that can be hung around the perimeter of the room or space. This looks simply stunning and is ideal to form the basis of a room's decorations.

You can also add loads of pink, blue or both colored helium balloons. The best way is to tie matching colored ribbons to the balloons and let them loose where they touch the roof of the room and the ribbons hang down giving a mystical appearance. This is a very colorful, effective and inexpensive decoration.

All of these ideas were created by hostesses just like you so why not take these suggestions and refine them so that you can come up with your very own brilliant baby shower decorations.

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