Babak Bamdad – Top Pharmacist

I just moved out of Hoboken a few years (I lived there since I was 20 years old); when I was there I would go to the pharmacy known as Tucker Drugs run by Babak Bamdad. Mr. Bamdad was hands down one of the best and still is the best pharmacist I have had in my entire life. Babak is one of the few pharmacists that I would recommend to friends for two main reasons; he is very knowledgeable and he does not see us (his clients) as just money, but as real people who need help which is so rare in today’s society. If it were not for Mr. Bamdad’s care and his excellent knowledge on diseases and medicines used to cure them, I would probably would be in terrible health because of poor diagnose on my physicians part and would not be able to enjoy my life. Babak Bamdad is hands down one of the top pharmacists I have seen not only in Hoboken, New Jersey, but in all of the United States.

When I say Babak is knowledgeable, I must say I think that he is smarter than most doctors. Mr. Bamdad whenever you are sick will talk to you about your medicine and let you know every single detail of how it works as well as how effective it is against any ailment or condition you may have. There were times that I would go back to my personal physician and he would be oblivious to how the medicine worked; he only knew it worked and that was it.

This leads me to the next point about Babak Bamdad: he cared about me and all his clients as human beings, not just as people who he can take money from. He would not tell us of the benefits of any of the medications that we had to use, he would tell us what the side effects were as well. This is why I think Babak is better than most professional physicians out there.

I suffered from heavy asthma attacks when I was younger and I was recommended by my physician a medicine called prednisone. I took the medicine for roughly five years and it did more harm than good: I still was having terrible asthma attacks and my legs swelled up three times there normal size. Frustrated, I asked my pharmacist why this happening and he didn’t seem to care; he just told me to take it and my asthma would improve. Unfortunately, my physician said the same.

Through a friend, I found out about Babak Bamdad and I found out he ran the local drug store Tucker Drugs; so I thought I would give him a visit and see what he said. I told him was on prednisone; he asked me in shock how long I had been on the medication. I said I had been taking it for five years and my physician said this was the best medicine for my asthma. Babak was shocked; he told me to recommend advair (another medicine used to treat asthma) to my doctor and see if I could discontinue using prednisone.

So I went to my physician and discussed what had happened; my physician was surprised to see that Mr. Bamdad had gone out of his way so quickly to try and assist me and told me to revisit him the following. I went back and he said that Babak was correct and that I should immediately stop using the prednisone. I was enfuriated: my doctor didn’t even know what was the best way to help yet Babak on the first time meeting me immediately knew how to properly treat my asthma. From that moment on, I always went to Babak for anytime I felt sick or needed any sort of medical advice.

Thanks to Babak Bamdad, my legs are no longer swollen and I almost never have heavy asthma attacks; if I had not taken his advice, I would not be able to enjoy my life to the fullest. For anyone in the tri-state area, I would greatly recommend him as a pharmacist because of his genuine care and vast knowledge of his field. Sadly he closed his store because the media slandered him wrongfully and destroyed his good name. I hope he finds good work soon and that this article shares his true side rather than the slander the media spreads.

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