Are You Going Out of Your Mind With So Many Things to Do? There is a Way Out!

‘It is a month since I met my close friend.’

‘My social life is almost zero.’

‘I am a slave here.’

‘Never ending work. I am going out of my mind.’

These are very familiar feelings expressed by many working women. Kids, husband, family, career and friends… So much work and so many things to take care of.

The main problem is proper management of time, people and self. Remember that management and leadership skills are not confined to workplace only. They are equally applicable at home and for that matter, everywhere.

Don’t pamper

Do you belong to the category where the kid shouts: ‘Mom, where is my maths note-book?’ or the husband demands: ‘Get me the newspaper.’?

You are definitely pampering them. Loving is good but pampering is not.


Be a good manager at home as well and delegate some of the tasks to family members.

Kids can manage a few things depending on their age. There are things your husband can manage- a few on his own and he can help you in some- provided, there are accustomed to and you want them to.

Know your team

It is imperative to have an in-depth knowledge of the skills, capabilities, positive and negative points of various members of your team at workplace. Similarly, know about your team at home- all family members and decide on what they are capable of.

Allot the tasks

Decide about the tasks to be allotted to each of them. Try to improve their skills and motivation. Initially there will certainly be resistance. You should explain the situation and bring them around.

Common goal

You have a common goal, that is, wellbeing of the family. Everybody in the team should work towards this common goal. Individual interests are secondary.

Sensitive tasks

There may be some sensitive tasks, which need to be handled by you personally in order to enhance the love and affection, even if they can be managed without you, Decide on such tasks and act accordingly. It helps to maintain or enhance the bond between family members.

Improve infrastructure

Do you think that certain tasks can be taken care of by a family member if a gadget is provided to him/her? For example, would a wheel chair be helpful to a physically handicapped person for moving around to complete certain tasks? Provide them.


Arrange priorities for self and the team members and stick to it. Don’t waste your time in unimportant tasks. See that others also follow their priorities.

Be patient

People do mistakes when they perform new tasks, more so if they are forced. Be tolerant with them. They may take more time in doing things. Don’t get frustrated and start doing them yourself. You will be back to square one. When you have spare time, teach them better ways of doing things.

Finally, it amounts to how well you implement your workplace skills at home and make it a sweet home for you and your family. All the best.

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