Advantages of Digital Delivery

Digital delivery is one of the terms used to describe electronic distribution, or digital distribution, which is the process of downloading information directly from the internet to a home computer. With modern technology there is no longer a need for physical objects traditionally used to distribute media, such as paper and DVDs. Consequently digital delivery has now become part and parcel of modern life and gives people quick, easy access to a huge range of information.

Two of the most common items that are obtained through digital delivery are books and music. EBooks are becoming increasingly popular as people recognize the many benefits of purchasing their reading material in downloadable, rather than traditional print, form. Electronic books are ideal for traveling when space may be restricted as a slim laptop or eBook reader takes up far less room than a stack of bulky books. The number of people across the world who purchase their music in downloads instead of in CD format is huge; the song files can be stored on a computer and copied onto a blank disc if required. Again, far less space is required.

One of the main advantages of digital delivery is it provides the customer with their desired product instantly (or only takes the time required to download, which depends on the internet speed set up in the individual’s home or office). With no need to wait for an item to be delivered via traditional routes, which can always be subject to delay, the customer is kept happy that they have what they want straight away. All they need to do is enter their credit or debit card information to pay for the purchase at the appropriate time. Some of the most well known digital distributors include iTunes Store, Mac App Store, 7Digital and CD Baby.

On the production side, digital distribution has allowed many types of artists to showcase their talents and make money by making their products available online. With effective marketing and a little technical know-how, it is possible for independent music artists and aspiring authors to earn a living and build up a fan base without having a recording deal or publishing contract in place. In many ways digital distribution has opened up the market to previously untouched talent.

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