3 Most Common Golf Equipment Problems In Your Golf Bag

hodgepodge – noun: a heterogeneous mixture: JUMBLE (a hodgepodge of styles)

I know, a very funny word, but not at all funny when it comes to your golf equipment. This is the main problem that leads to variances in lengths, flexes and golf grips in your golf bag.

After ten plus years of custom fitting thousands of golfers for new golf clubs or tweaking the golf clubs they already own, I have come the conclusion that these three most common issues or combination of these problems are preventing most golfers from playing their best golf. I will explain each in more detail and also give you the solution.

Golf Club Lengths:

Golf club lengths are meant to be congruent with each other from the driver down to the pitching wedge. Meaning, all these clubs are meant to feel the same, so that you can simply swing them all with the same feeling of swing weight or balance from the grip down to the head. When one or more clubs are too long or too short, making the set incongruent, you lose the consistent feel throughout the set. This is the most common way to get your golf club set into hodgepodge mode.

Note – the gap/approach wedge, sand wedge and lob wedge(s) can be and usually have a little bit heavier swing weight feel to them.

(Bonus Information – Putters are / can be any swing weight / feel that is the most comfortable and most importantly work for you.)

Golf Shaft Flexes:

This is where so many people get into a lot of trouble! Because all the different golf club manufacturers use various shafts, (not to mention have their own specification for each individual flex per product or model) there is no set standard in the industry to match apples-to-apples. To be blunt – it is all a crap shoot and even the biggest brands in golf do not pay attention to this in their product lines. Most brands that have the same model name on the driver, fairway woods, hybrids and even their matching iron sets all have completely different specifications from top to bottom! Talk about hodgepodge!

Golf Grips:

You would think this one would be common sense to any fellow golfer, but this is ironically almost always overlooked and just taken for granted? Bottom line – if all your golf grips do not match ie: brand, model and grip size (outside diameter) you are losing the consistency throughout your golf club set and thus creating a hodgepodge effect.

The Hodgepodge Solution – What to do now?

While this is not rocket science, you do need to figure out what you have in your golf bag to ensure that any kind of hodgepodge has not set in.

First, line up all your golf clubs flush against a wall from driver down through your wedges and look for any major length differences between them. Make note of any inconsistencies and write them down on paper.

Second, inspect all the shafts and look for different flex indication on the shafts ie: stiff (S), regular (R)

or senior (A). These all need to match for best results. Make note of any inconsistencies and write them down on paper.

Third, If the 2 steps above checkout okay, now look over all your grips. If they are not all the same you need to have them re-gripped to match as soon as possible and your set should be good to go.

Finally, if steps one and two have issues, these need to be resolved first by going to a certified golf club technician that knows what he is doing. These are three very simple things for him to detect and either fix or let you know “how off they really are”, so you know where you stand.

It could be as simple as a little cut here, an addition of weight there, a new set of golf grips or a few re-shafts. Worst case or maybe the best case scenario, you need to get a new set of golf clubs custom built just for you that match from top to bottom right out of the gate. This may be the best choice especially if your golf clubs are getting outdated.

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